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Information About TASC

Having worked both in government finance and in property assessment, I have a passion for the important work of county assessor and treasurer offices.

It is  the goal of The Administration System Cooperative, LLC (TASC) to:

  • provide the assessor and treasurer offices the software platform that they need in order to provide their important services to the taxpayer
  • while saving the county (and ultimately the tax payer) significant amounts of money in licensing cost and maintenance fees.

TASC is a business and we expect to be compensated for our work, however, money is not the focus.

The focus is:

  • A great system at a reasonable cost.
  • Assessors and Treasurers having some control over their software costs.
  • Predictability for them in the area of their software.
  • Stability and cost reductions that will ultimately benefit the taxpayer.

Mailing Address: 6915 Munn Lake Dr SE Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: 888-661-3148

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